Saturday, August 27, 2011

Here We Go

For whatever reason you're here reading this, I hope you enjoy.

   My art teacher growing up always said that nothing is more intimidating than a blank canvas. You could say I have the same thoughts toward this blog. I've always wanted to create a blog, I grew up writing in a diary, and even now I write in a journal. I guess writing out my thoughts for the whole world to see has a thrill factor to it.

   To start off, I guess I should say a little about myself. I'm the youngest child of 3, I grew up in a somewhat strong Catholic family, and if my blog title didn't give it away, yes, I'm a believer. Growing up, Jesus was merely just a name I heard in Mass every Sunday. I knew He was the son of God, or so everyone said. He came to save us, by dying for us on a cross. He has endless mercy (or in my childhood vocabulary: He forgives) That's about as deep as my theology got when I was a kid. I also thought that the infomercials on TV of adults praising God to worship music was creepy. I mean, their eyes were closed, arms were swaying up in the air, and it was dark with crazy lights moving everywhere, can you say weird?! I never thought that that kind of music would one day become my favorite.

   Anyways, my early teenage years were somewhat exciting and rebellious, rebellious for my Catholic self anyways. Compared to everyone else I was as pure as honey. I went behind my parent's wishes, but nothing too radical. I got into the wrong crowd, got interested in the bad boys. I hated myself, I wanted to be someone I wasn't, and when I was let down by someone I thought cared about me, that's when I hit rock bottom.

   Not getting into details, a year later, my freshman year, I had a new "live for Jesus" paradigm. What sparked it? A boy. To cut straight to the point, after the silly break-up, I really began to see the ways God was working in my life. After going through a hellish year, life wasn't so bad after all.

   Fast forward a couple years, through friendships and a relationship, through a season full of great splendor followed by a season with much struggle of an overbearing cross, you have now arrived to where I am now: a senior in high school attending a community college, discerning where to go once I receive my General Ed. God is predominant in my life, or at least that's the way I want it. We aren't perfect; we all fall into the Devil's traps and sin.

   Italian's are known to wear their heart on their sleeve, so with this blog, expect to see my thoughts, emotions, interests/hobbies, and anything else I find worth while to share.